Advent Devotions for Year C 2015…

Advent Devotions 2015 for Year C

The Methodist Liaison Office in Palestine and Israel has gathered Advent 2015 devotions written by current and former General Board of Global Ministries missionaries who have lived and served in the area in a variety of capacities.

If you would like to receive a copy of all of them at once, please send an e-mail request to and we will send you the complete four weeks and Christmas Eve devotions.  Each one includes a scripture, a verse from a hymn, devotional thoughts and a picture.  Each week of Advent they will be posted on and various Facebook postings.

29 November written by Janet Lahr Lewis, who currently serves as Advocacy Coordinator for the Middle East, GBGM , and Peace with Justice Program Associate, GBCS.  She formerly served as a GBGM missionary in 2001 in a couple of positions and then as the Methodist Liaison in Palestine and Israel from 2006 to 2014.

6 December written by Rev. Jessica Lowe, who is serving as a GBGM Individual Volunteer in the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem.  She is a commissioned Elder of the Louisiana Conference.

13 December written by Grace Killian who served as GBGM Global Mission Young Adult Fellow located in Bethlehem from 2013-2015.  She is a lay member of the Western Pennsylvania Conference.

20 December written by Rev. Kristen L. Brown, who is serving as your GBGM Methodist Liaison in Palestine and Israel since 2011.  She is an ordained Elder of the Oklahoma Conference.

24 December written by Rev. Alex and Brenda Awad, who served as  GBGM missionaries at Bethlehem Bible College and the East Jerusalem Baptist Chruch for the past 26 years, currently they are itinerating in the USA.

All photographs were taken by Rev. Kristen L. Brown.



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