Advent 2016 Devotions coming soon!

Advent 2016 will begin in a couple of weeks.  We are working on devotions.  We will post them here and on Facebook through our “Methodist Liaison office in Jerusalem” page and in other groups.


photo credit to Rev. Kristen L. Brown

Pictured is an Advent wreath… included in this years’ wreath are:  olive wood panels representing the wall of separation in Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza, these particular panels were made by a project of the YWCA of East Jerusalem; Bethlehem Star olive wood candle holders; the candles are placed in recycled tear gas canisters which were collected in the past year and available at Bethlehem Bible College gift shop; the green rug is made by women from the Negev.

We encourage each of you to be creative, your Advent wreath can tell a story of a people… what thoughtful ways can you help tell the bigger story of God in our midst?


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